• The host should be prepared to pay a per day honorarium plus all expenses (round-trip travel from Boston, hotel, and meals).
  • It is the host’s responsibility to estimate expenses.
  • There is an additional fee for a teacher workshop / library-association talk if it is requested as part of a school visit.

Length of stay:

  • Regarding school visits, the author prefers to have two to four days of local school visits coordinated by primary contact. Exceptions can be made.


  • School Visits: Jack can work with K–12 and will do three sessions with students grouped in appropriate grade levels. Assemblies are fine. If requested, will do a teacher workshop / library-association talk for an additional fee.
  • Conferences / Professional Associations: He will do one to three presentations; any size group.


  • Grades K–3: The author focuses on the development of a picture book. Using Rotten Ralph as the main character, Jack takes the children through the literary elements of storyboarding.
  • Grades 4–6: He works with kids on journaling (how to set up a journal, map out and brainstorm ideas, and then pull ideas from the journal to work into a short story) and goes over elements of storytelling such as character development, problem/solution, and the importance of double endings of both physical and emotional plots.
  • Grades 7 & up: Jack can do a creative-writing workshop with the students or talk about the influences on his development as a writer or some combination thereof.
  • Conferences / Professional Associations: He will gear his talk according to the organization’s needs / themes.

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