Jack Gantos

Best in Show for Rotten Ralph

The cat show is coming to town and Rotten Ralph is hungry for glory—and desperate to defeat his perfect cousin Percy, whatever it takes. According to Sarah, Ralph has to stop being a lazy scoundrel and follow her regimen to achieve poise and polish. When the competition gets under way, Ralph pretends to be something he’s not, and fails. Just in time, Ralph decides victory can be his only if he stops pretending and really lets the fur fly.


“There are no surprises here for youngsters familiar with the series, and therein lies the strength of this entry: Ralph is rotten to the core, and the joy for beginning readers comes from seeing just how rotten rotten can be.”

“New readers will be won over by the hilarious antics of the individual who stays true to his irrepressible self.”

“Lively and entertaining. Rubel’s wonderfully wonky and bright color illustrations add character expression and humor. Gantos gives kids everything they want in an early reader: a plotline with plenty of laughs, interesting characters, and a manageable reading experience.”

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