Jack Gantos


Rotten Ralph's Rotten Family

Rotten Ralph’s owner, Sarah, is fed up with her red rascal’s behavior. Ralph is tired of Sarah trying to change him. He misses his cat family, which never made him alter a thing about himself. But in this gag- and guffaw-filled adventure for newly independent readers, the world’s favorite rotten red cat gets tripped up when he runs away for a journey down memory lane.


“There’s plenty to enjoy in this droll, satisfying story . . . Expressive, wildly colorful illustrations amplify the humor. Another winner in the Rotten Ralph Rotten Readers series.”

“Rot on, Ralph!”

“Ralph’s fans will welcome this new addition . . . Rubel’s signature cartoon illustrations contain all the humor one could want in this latest chapter book about the incorrigible yet charismatic cat.”

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