Jack Gantos

Rotten Ralph Feels Rotten

When Sarah serves up a healthy, home-cooked meal chock-full of fruits and vegetables, Rotten Ralph turns up his nose and refuses to eat. With those overflowing, back-alley trash cans in mind, he has more exciting dinner plans on his menu. Garbage for dinner? Uh-oh! Rotten Ralph’s bad eating habits are about to make him feel rotten for real.


“If, as the saying goes, we are what we eat, then Rotten Ralph has an appropriate first name. He’s also the perfect star for this cautionary tale about eating junk food. Four short chapters give beginning readers appropriate starting and stopping places, and the illustrations not only parallel the text but also help define a few delicious phrases.”

“The Magic-Marker intensity of Rubel’s palette and the undulating quality of her lines are ideal…Beginning readers will gobble up this third installment of the [series]; unlike Ralph, though, they’ll have nothing to regret.”

“In this beginning reader, Ralph and Sarah are still going strong after almost 30 years together. Ralph’s suffering and Sarah’s concern are palpable in a series of vivid illustrations that depict his worsening condition, as is their pleasure in being reunited. A great addition to the series.”

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